Monday, 1 April 2019

After almost two years, Stein and I was able to visit the Birkenes museum near Lillesand to see the exhibition about Lillesand Flaksvandbanen. Incorporated in the exhibition is the little diorama Stein and I made for the exhibition. We were impressed by the quality of the exhibition. Especially interesting, apart from photos and saved objects, is a map of the entire railwayline, assembled of numerous smaller line drawings overlayed over a modern map.

Here follow a a few pictures from the visit of the exhibit:


Her is the map on the wall with relevant pictures above. The dressine on loan from Setesdalsbanen was missing. 


Detail of the map at Lillesand

Here is the other side with the little diorama in a black box


With steps for the children


And finally the diorama with backlight and toplightt

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