Saturday, 15 April 2017

I have altered the fond into a semicircle. The window will be smaller as in the pic. below

After this was decided upon, I could start the construction of the real model. I made the base of four 5mm layers of foamboard then one layer for the base of the road and the track. Then I made the stiches for drainage with small stones of grey Cernit. Now I  could lay the piece of track I had leftover from my Rena 1900 layout.

Then came the new turnout. Since this is a static diorama, I did not care about electric separation of the rails.

And here is the point finished. The passage through the frog and guardrails are 0,5mm conforming to 2MMFS/Fremo fiNe standard applied to the gauge of 6.65mm. The railprofile is 0.6mm new silver (NS) rod

 Referring to the old picture above of the halt, there were some young trees lining up the crossroad. These came in handy in the model to disguise the road ending abrupt in the fond (backdrop). So after ballasting and spackeling the road, I made a few small trees.

Now its time for the little building and the platform to be placed on the diorama