Saturday, 22 April 2017

This is the map of the small halt Storemyr. Note stitchdrain  for drainage marked on each side of the crossroad. The diorama will have the road in front

 And here is the train leaving the halt just by the crossroad. There is a small stitchdrain visible.

 Here is the Station in its early years with a small plattform and a manual turnout. Small trees are growing on each side of the crossroad.

 And here years after the closure of the line. The trees are big now.

 Here is the idea for a small diorama. We have found a perfect clear acrylic box here:


 ..and we build the diorama inside. The box is 40x20x20cm. But we do not want to "SHOW ALL". By reducing the aperture to about 20x15 cm, we will focus on the little train and the building.

 Here is the blueprint...

...and during easter Stein was active and built the little building. Its only about 38mm long

Yesterday the SHOW ALL box arrived and the first test with paper screening could take place.

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  1. Great work! We at the museum are really looking forward to displaying the model as part of our exhibition about the ancient railway. Steven Carpenter, bestyrer Birkenes Bygdemuseum