Friday, 14 April 2017

 ... and finally the shed building on its place on the diorama...

But it need a foundation and a plattform and... almost ready for the vitrine. The long partly open drainage ditch is a guess on how it might have been. The original map (see above) show a drainage ditch on either side of the sideroad. The entrance to the platform is bridged over the ditch by four large slate plated.

Finished landscaping with the (unpainted) backdrop attached preliminary

 A clouded day in 1935 before the train arrives. But where is the passengers, onlookers, parcels etc?
 (It will be added later)

 Almost from the drivers point of view as the train aproaches

 The backdrop is semitransparent and will be backlighted. Next is to finish the acrylic box, the shelf and the lighting with ledstrips.


  1. excellent work I assume you used the 30thou rail from the 2mm association?

    really liked your work when I saw it at the 2m GJ expo a few years back


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  3. Thank you, Nick

    The rail construction is the same as used for Rena 1900, 0.6mm NS rod (straight thread) soldered to NG PCB sleepers from the 2mmSA. I would like to try the 30thou for modelling light rail norwegian standard gauge (9mm). The rolling stock as you see in the pictures in this blog have Märklin Z scale chassis and mechanism with scratchbuilt superstructures all built by Stein 25 years ago.To fit the wheels to the rails, it is nessessary to widen the BB and turn down the flanges to 0.4mm. The flanges must also be slimmed to 0.3mm. Since this will be a static model, we will probably leave the wheels unaltered.